Jun 092012

Frank Schenk captured some video of the Venus Transit betwee 19:40 and 19:45 CDT, 0:40 and 0:45 on the 6 June 2012 UT caught Venus near a Sun Spot Group Cantina 68, sunspot number is from the Cantina Obseratory in Italy, no NOAA number was referenced the next day. Frank obtained this shot with Doug Horacek’s 3.5 inch 90mm Orion Refractor, Doug moved the scope Frank took the video. These pictures were obtained just before the Sun set.

May 112012

This is a photograph of Messier 82, the “Cigar Galaxy”, the irregular galaxy in Ursa Major or “The Big Bear”, also the “Big Dipper” taken with the Swanson 21 inch by Jeff Delmas who did the video and Doug Horacek did the post processing. The video was obtained with the Stellacam II with 8 seconds per frame. Taken on the evening of 28 April 2012 at 22:00 CDT or 3:00 U.T. on 29 April 2012.

May 112012

Our 21 inch captured the recent supernova in Messier 95, Jeff Delmas did the video and Doug Horacek did the post processing. The supernova is right in the center right of the bright part of the galaxy. The video was from the Stellacam II and the Swanson 21 inch. Taken on the evening of 28 April 2012 at 21:30 CDT or 2:30 UT on 29 April 2012.

May 112012

This picture of Saturn was taken with a 3X barlow and one neutral density filter and one yellow filter. Taken on the evening of 28 April 2012 23:30 CDT or 4:30 UT on the 29 April 2012. Jeff Delmas took the Video Frank Schenck did most of the post processing and Doug Horacek put the finishing touches with gamma, histogram, brightness and contrast.

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Apr 302012

Here is Copeland’s Septet from 11 March 2011, faint galaxies, the field of view showed 9 of 11 faint galaxies, some as dim as 13 or 14 magnitude. This group of galaxies is 480 million light years away. It is located near star 92 in the constellation Leo above the tail of the lion, Zosma and Chertan, and Denebola.

Apr 212012

These three galaxies were used to determine the field of view of our camera, the dimensions of the field of view are 6 arcminutes in the vertical direction and 10 arc minutes in the horizontal direction. These three galaxies were captured by Mimmo Demartino and Doug Horacek on the evening of 12 April 2012 about 22:00 CDT or 3:00 UT on 13 April 2012. These three galaxies are in the constellation Leo near the heart of the Lion, Regulus.

Apr 022012

This shot was magnified and cropped to better show Jupiter, the Moon, and Venus above.

On the evening of 25 March 2012 the Crescent Moon passed close to Jupiter in the sky and above was the planet Venus. Jeff Delmas captured this view with his CCD camera. On the evening of 26 March 2012 the Moon was even with Venus and Jupiter shined below the Moon and Venus. Click on the picture to get a better View