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Monte Sano State Park


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About Us

About Us

VBAS was originally founded in 1954 as the Rocket City Astronomical Association, thanks to the efforts of a group of high school students interested in Astronomy lead by Sam Pruitt, along with the help and influence of Wernher von Braun.

By 1956, the organization had grown to include several members of the Von Braun Missile Team and they completed the observatory. Our facilities today include a second observatory, astronomical library, solar telescope, and planetarium.  Use the "Library", "Observatories", and "Planetarium" links in the top menu to explore our facilities.  For more information about our history click the "VBAS History" link in the General Menu to the left.

What We Do

VBAS is a non-profit volunteer organization of amateur and professional astronomers.  In addition to operating our planetarium and observatories located in Monte Sano State Park just east of Huntsville, Alabama, we also conduct side walk astronomy events in conjunction with several local community events such as "Concerts In The Park".

Member & Public Events

Members meet at our planetarium on the third Friday of each month, except for December, to discuss recent and upcoming astronomy events which usually includes a guest speaker and the public is welcome to attend!

We also have planetarium programs every Saturday night that the public is invited to and we enjoy viewing the evening skies afterwards when the weather permits.

Watch for details about upcoming Member & Public events on our "Home" page.


VBAS Officers 2019

VBAS Elected Board of Directors

President: Beth Bero 2019-2020

Vice-President: Don Martin 2019-2020

Secretary: Chris Bero 2018-2020

Treasurer: Eric Silkowski 2019-2021

Student Director: Nick Schragal 2019-2020

Director of Administration: Neil Boyd 2018-2020

Director of Education & Programs: Gena Crook 2019-2021

Director of Facilities & Equipment: Frank Schenck 2019-2021

Director of Planning & Research: Richard Norman 2018-2020

Past President: Don Reed 2019-2020

Appointed Officers

Membership Secretary: Michael Buford

Planetarium Director: Jared Cassidy

Observatories Director: Jeff Delmas

Public Communications Coordinator: Michael Buford

Outreach Coordinator: Naveen Vetcha

Librarians: Amanda Campbell & Jeff Bennett

Historians: Amanda Campbell & Jeff Bennett

Dark Skies Rep: Richard Norman

Newsletter Editor: Don Martin

Website Team:  Chris Bero, Jared Cassidy, Naveen Vetcha, & Mimmo DeMartino

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